2015 Male Fighter of the Year


Alexi Petroulias

State: Victoria
Current Record: 36F 27W 8L 1D 10K.O’s

  • WKN Intercontinental Lightweight Champion
  • WBC National Super Lightweight Champion
  • WBC National Welterweight Champion
  • WKA National Welterweight Champion

2015 Activity:

  • 8 fights for 7 wins. 1 loss due to cut.
  • Won WKN Intercontinental Lightweight Title
  • Represented Australia on Brute Force Promotions – Australia vs Japan and won for Australia team.

Ben Mahoney

State: Queensland
Current Record: 26f 20W 6L 5K.O’s
2015 Activity: 4 Fights

Danial Williams

State: Western Australia

Current Record: 29F  23W 6L  14K.O’s

2015 Activity:

  • 7 fights, 5 wins and 2 losses
  • Gold Medalist at the IFMA University world cup Lightweight (60kg) division
  • World title qualifier Official K1 in Japan 55kg World Grand Prix
  • Official WMC Bantamweight World Title

Daniel Valusaga

State: Queensland

Michael Badato

State: New South Wales

Current Record:

2015 Activity:

  • He KOd Yohan Liddon from France
  • March: rematch in Lyon, France
  • Successfully defended his CMT title against NZ
  • July: China Vs Australia, but opponent pulled out 2weeks prior
  • fought in NZ against Brad Riddell, lost on split points
  • Sept; another China Vs Aust, fighter pulled out.

Nathan Robson

State: New South Wales

Current Record: 21F 17W 3L  6KO’s – 1 No Contest

2015 Activity:

  • 8 fights in 2015
  • Won the WBC welterweight Australian title against Benny Mahoney.
  • Won the destiny 4 welterweight 8man eliminator Beating a Thai, Kurt Finlayson and jimmy Irwin,
  • Won the WLF Australia vs China 4 man eliminator, qualifying me for the super 8 man in China on the 24th of Jan 2016
  • Fought in Macau, China, in a 4 man against top world class guys

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  1. Rod

    Nathan’s a true champ