2016 Knock Out of the Year Nominees

Micka Taylor vs Jun Lee

Mitch Nicholson vs Laucy Ogden

Michael badato vs Jason scerri

Michael Badato KOTY CMT8 from Brian Kirwan on Vimeo.

Benji Wright vs Jesse Saville

Lee Fook vs Mark Crawley

Elliot Compton vs Tum

Matt Cashmore vs Sam Hill

Matt (The Chocolate Man) Webb vs Josh (Rowdy) Wiltshire

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Comments (19)

  1. Robbie Young

    Mat Cashmore

  2. Glen Hodgens

    Micka Taylor

  3. Brenden

    Mitch Nicholson

  4. Jesse

    My mate Micka for sure

  5. Jonathon Cooke


  6. mick atholwood

    Micka Taylor. precision plus.

  7. Tony Boreham

    Micka Taylor

    I hope this is the correct voting procedure.

  8. Andrew Mepstead

    Micka Taylor

  9. Carla murdoch

    Matt cashmore

  10. Jason Boneham

    Matt Cashmore

  11. Brad Cashmore

    Mat Cashmore

  12. Rick

    Josh Wiltshire 28 seconds 1st round nice work

  13. Paul Hope

    Matt Cashmore

  14. Seymour

    Matt cashmore

  15. Jarrad Bradley

    My boy Mika Taylor was there and it was awesome

  16. Maddy

    Micka Taylor for sure

  17. Laurissa

    Josh Wiltshire, 28 secs and GONE !! NICE ELBOW!!

  18. Stephanie

    He’s out for the count. On ya Josh Wiltshire

  19. Lucas

    Josh Wiltshire