2015 Knock out of the year nominees

Simon Maait vs Nick Rundle

On Prestige Fight Series.
“Maait had buckled his knee and was given a count. It didn’t look like he would be able to come back from this injury but he stood his ground and knocked out Rundle with an overhand

Dejuan vs Daniel Valusaga

Franz Sanchez vs Yakoot Hakimi

On Alpha Fight

Franz Sanchez Headkick KO from William Luu on Vimeo.

Joe Comerford PTJ vs Jonson RungChai

Johnathan Tuhu

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Comments (8)

  1. Karlie Willmot

    Jonathan Tuhu has my vote. Staunch Top Team!

  2. jason

    Franz Sanchez has my vote..

  3. Jackie

    Dirty Sanchez FTW!

  4. Saipele Esera

    Franz Sanchez!

  5. Luke appleton

    Jonathan Tuhu is the best Ko of the year

  6. Kwan fong

    Jonathan Tuhu

  7. Aarron

    What a knockout!! Simon has my vote.